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I can do this!


I’m on my 5th day into treatment and still no noticeable side effects from the twice a day drug. I don’t expect to see any significant changes in my blood counts for at least 6 weeks but my lymph nodes and spleen should at least begin to reduce soon. Yes. I can do this!

Hey, where are the side effects?


I should subtitle this post “Is that it???”. So here we are at day 3 of treatment. I’m on my own, taking the IPI-145 drug twice a day for the next five days. So far, I’ve experienced a total of zero side effects. No nausea, no vomiting, no diahrea, no chills, no sweats. Nothing at all. I had to sign a long list of consent forms to participate in the trial. Most of the potential side effects listed on the form I actually already had from the CLL itself. At this point, it’s looking like I’m in for an uneventful next month (28 day treatment cycle) until the next all-day EKG and blood draw session back at the clinic.

I want to give a huge round of Kudos to all the caring nurses & staff at Sarah Cannon Research Institute & Tennessee Oncology in Nashville. I could not have asked for better, more compassionate care in what could have been a very┬áscary and dehumanizing past two weeks. The clinic setting seems more like a hotel than hospital. The patient lounge is nicer and better stocked than what I’ve seen in most hotels. Thank you all!

Patient Lounge