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How do you keep your sanity?

Some might argue my sanity has been missing for quite a while. Waiting for reports and labs when you’re fighting cancer can be really stressful and tiring. I’m curious how others fighting the evil C word manage to keep their sanity. My latest method is home recording, mixing pre-recorded guitar & drum tracks w/ my own vocals and bass guitar ones. It’s experimental so far but has proven to be a lot of fun and very effective at melting away unwanted stress. No, I’m not a good singer and not an especially good bass player but hey, who cares?

R O C K in in the U S A. 😉


Got Stress?


I recently took an online stress management course from Harvard Business Publishing. It surprisingly revealed to me that I handle stress pretty well. I’ve developed means of dealing with stress over the years, one of my favorite methods of coping is spending time jamming on the bass – usually to some ZZ Top. I’m not as good as I want to be so there’s always a goal of getting better. I used to play golf a long time ago but I ultimately found I could usually throw my clubs further than I could consistently hit the ball. Given that, it wasn’t that great of a way to reduce my stress so I gave it up.  I’m curious to hear how others dealing with their own or a family member’s medical hurdles deal with their stress.