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Test Shown to Reduce Early CLL Deaths

Very very interesting. I’ve not heard of this one before. There are many CLL focused drugs out there and historically, many patients have not responded to them; particularly after a relapse. Prior to the new B cell receptor pathway inhibitors, mutations like my 17p deletion has been especially hard to manage. It seems like advances are coming every few days; the future is bright. Here’s a snippet:

Drs. Weisenthal and Bosanquet state that the SignatuRx(TM) personalized chemotherapy test can be ordered by physicians for their chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients from virtually anywhere in the world. Blood samples are sent to Dr. Weisenthal and Bosanquet’s California-based laboratory by overnight courier where the cancer cells are tested for susceptibility to treatment with up to 30 different chemotherapy drugs and drug combinations. Test reports are available in 7 to 10 days

The full article is here: Test Shown to Reduce Early CLL Deaths

Novel B-Cell Receptor Signaling Inhibitors Show Promise

Jeffrey A Jones MD, MPH

Jeffrey A Jones MD, MPH

I came across a good and recent article about the new class of cancer drug I am taking (via clinical trial) to manage my CLL. It’s a little up there in terminology level but still reads well. It mentions ipi-145 but says openly that not much is known about it yet. Click the link to read the full article at OncLive.

“It is clear that B-cell receptor signaling plays an important role in chronic lymphocytic leukemia,” Jones said.In CLL, initiation of treatment with the PI3K inhibitor idelalisib causes prompt and dramatic regression in lymph node volume with a concomitant risk in absolute lymphocyte count (ALC).

“Marked regression of lymphadenopathy—usually an 85% reduction in lymph node volume—is a common feature of treatment response, he noted. “Because the ALC rises and causes lymphocytosis, many patients fail to achieve complete response by conventional criteria,” Jones explained

Hallmarks of Cancer 1: Self-Sufficiency in Growth Signals

Really Good Article from Scientific American: LINK


The behavior of a cell depends on its immediate surrounding environment, known as the microenvironment. The assortment of growth factors in this microenvironment is the most important aspect regulating the behavior of that cell. All growth factors exert their effects by binding to a receptor.  Receptors are proteins found on the surface of a cell that receive such chemical signals from the outside of the cell. Each growth factor has it’s own receptor; think of it as a key (the growth factor) fitting into a lock (the receptor). Growth factor receptors tend to be ‘transmembrane molecules‘; this means that one end of the receptor ‘sticks out’ through the cell membrane into the microenvironment while the other end projects inside the cell. By spanning across the cell membrane, growth factor receptors are able to communicate signals from outside the cell (e.g. presence of growth factors in the microenvironment) to the inside of the cell. Revisiting the lock and key analogy, think of it as a key that fits into a lock that protrudes through the door-frame, instead of being flush against the door.