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The Hallmarks of Cancer (series)

I am a firm believer in patients being their own advocate and being fully informed and educated regarding their health. We don’t have the luxury of being a passive participant in our care. To achieve the best possible outcome, you truly need to be fully engaged. No, I understand that we can’t all be amateur cellular biologists but also understand that you can’t really ask your doctor the key & probing questions if you don’t know what he or she is talking about with regards to your cancer, its prognostic indicators and its treatment options. It’s your body. It’s your life. Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions.


This has been a very good series of articles posted on Scientific American by Buddhini Samarasinghe.

Buddhini Samarasinghe is a molecular biologist, with experience in cancer research. She completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow, UK and then recently completed a postdoctoral position at the University of Hawaii. She is the co-creator of the science communication website Know the Cosmos. She is also a passionate science communicator, engaging the public with current research in the life sciences. Where possible, she uses original research papers and describes the science minus the jargon! She is also involved in science outreach through broadcasts on YouTube and other social media sites, including Facebook and Google+. Buddhini Samarasinghe can be found on Twitter as @DrHalfPintBuddy.

They are worth your time. Four articles have been posted. Six more are to come. The latest one is Limitless Replicative Potential.