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Leper Treatment


This issue caught my attention on social media last night and has practically gone viral since then. A high-end Nashville steakhouse called Mortons which apparently has a strict dress code for patrons delivered horrible and inhumane treatment to a cancer patient who chose to wear a knit cap on his hairless head to try to stay warm.

Right now, Fox17 WZTV is the only news outlet carrying the story but I expect that will change by newstime tonight.

According to numerous reviews on Yelp and posts on Facebook, a large party of about 16 people held a company Christmas party at Morton’s, The Steakhouse, in downtown Nashville, but there were no good tidings. After spending more than $2,000 at the Church Street location, one of the men dining with the group put on a wool beanie. Witnesses say he needs the added warmth because he is a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. The diners say their friend was asked to remove his hat, and explained the situation to the manager, who allegedly said that the gentleman should bring a doctor’s note or call ahead so that he could be seated in a private dining area. Witnesses say the cancer patient along with his wife and kids became very upset over how the situation was handled and they stormed out to leave. The police even arrived.

Since when did a restaurant’s dress code ever trump basic human dignity? I can’t envision a more terrible management and customer service experience. I am embarassed for our city and outraged, no perhaps indignant as a fellow cancer patient. Morton’s is permanently off my menu.