Alkaline Water: Don’t Believe the Marketing Hype

Pseudoscientfic Claims Debunked

Pseudoscientfic Health Benefit Claims Refuted


The image above is true – until you get below the numbers of the pH scale. Everything below that is completely unfounded and not supported by real science. This is a follow-up post on a topic I posted about a few days ago; I feel really sorry for all the people who have spent thousands on and lost hope from these worthless but expensive water ionizers. Most proponents I’ve met have a general distrust for doctors and believe that the drug companies (aka Big Pharma) and the government are all engaged in a great conspiracy with the doctors to not provide actual cures and treatments. Yes, it’s laughable. This morning I spotted a new article on the topic published by the reputable and respected Cleveland Clinic. Here’s the link:.Cleveland Clinic:Alkaline Water: Don’t Believe the Marketing Hype Here’s a snippet of the article. Please go read it and draw your own conclusions.

Your body does it better

Unless you have certain conditions such as kidney or respiratory disease, your body maintains a healthy pH balance on its own.

“Our bodies are wonderful machines,” Ms. Czerwony says. “If there is an imbalance, we have ways to correct it. For example, if your blood becomes too acidic, you breathe out more carbon dioxide to bring the levels down.”

In addition, once alkaline water hits your stomach, the gastric juices will neutralize it — another example of natural balancing. This makes any resulting benefits unlikely. Skewing your body’s pH balance too far on the alkaline side can do damage over time, too, particularly by throwing off the digestive process.

“Extremes in either direction — too acidic or too alkaline — can cause problems,” Ms. Czerwony says. “Your body wants something closer to neutral, and it has ways of achieving it.”

Hydration is crucial for health, of course. However, because credible research backing the benefits of alkaline water is lacking, Ms. Czerwony recommends sticking with plain water.

“Water is great,” she says. “Just drink it. Don’t fancify it.”

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