Novel B-Cell Receptor Signaling Inhibitors Show Promise

Jeffrey A Jones MD, MPH

Jeffrey A Jones MD, MPH

I came across a good and recent article about the new class of cancer drug I am taking (via clinical trial) to manage my CLL. It’s a little up there in terminology level but still reads well. It mentions ipi-145 but says openly that not much is known about it yet. Click the link to read the full article at OncLive.

“It is clear that B-cell receptor signaling plays an important role in chronic lymphocytic leukemia,” Jones said.In CLL, initiation of treatment with the PI3K inhibitor idelalisib causes prompt and dramatic regression in lymph node volume with a concomitant risk in absolute lymphocyte count (ALC).

“Marked regression of lymphadenopathy—usually an 85% reduction in lymph node volume—is a common feature of treatment response, he noted. “Because the ALC rises and causes lymphocytosis, many patients fail to achieve complete response by conventional criteria,” Jones explained


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