A great sucking sound

paying-billsYou know that slurping sound you hear when the sink is draining, just before the water empties or that one when the straw in your glass has nothing left to siphon up… I’ve said before the worst part of cancer is its ability to virtually bankrupt anyone not super wealthy. I had been keeping up with the bills I had incurred prior to beginning treatment but they’ve begun weighing down the mailbox each day with a vengeance. Insurance pays up to 80% but 20% of a large number is still a fairly large number. I got a new bill for lab/pathology yesterday that was over $1000 after insurance. It’s not the first and likely won’t be the last. It truly angers me that you never get to see the cost of medical services ordered for you before they’re delivered. They come back to re-injure you a few weeks after when you’re hopefully feeling better. The truth is nobody budgets or even could budget for this kind of stuff and it causes me a lot of stress knowing the bill collectors will all be calling at some point and my former stellar credit rating will sink even lower. I’ve always tried to honor my debts but at some point, you do stop caring about making sure everything and everybody gets paid each month. 😦


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