ekg B2953-33

Tomorrow begins a new 28 day cycle (#2) for me in my clinical trial. I’ll be treated to a full day of hourly blood draws and ekg tests. It’s really not that bad; the blood draws come from an IV and the ekgs don’t hurt but it’ll still be a long 9-10 hour day at the Sarah Cannon DDU. They’re taking really great care of me and with any luck, we’ll get to see the Bread Lady again. Sheila’s already craving her goodies! 🙂

I also sent in my application today for Camp Bluebird; a special twice a year retreat for adult cancer patients. I am really looking forward to meeting and spending time with others who are also sharing this journey.


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  1. I’m so proud you are going to camp. I hope you will weave me a beautiful basket! 😉 looking forward to working with Team Simpson tomorrow. As always I will be your chubby cheerleader. I can smell the butter brickle bread a cooking in the bread lady’s kitchen. haha love to you butterbean

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