Keep on Truckin!

According to wikipedia, the phrase Keep On Truckin which came from Robert Crumb’s comic strip: “The strip’s drawings became iconic images of optimism during the hippie era.” Well, the hippie era is long gone but I have lots of reason for optimism. I visited the Sarah Cannon Drug Development Unit (DDU) again today.
The Good News: 🙂

Red Blood Cells, Hemoglobin, Neutrophil counts are all trending upward. Platelet count showed stable to mild improvement. White blood count remain kinda high but stable. All my lab values & vitals checked out positive and I am cleared to begin week four in this clinical trial (final week of cycle 1).

The Not So Good News: 😦

We missed the Bread Lady yet again. I did find an old newspaper article about her posted in the hallway and got a picture of it to share. I will be there all day next week and hope to catch up with her when she hands out yummy baked treats.



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