Planetary Alignment

Sarah Cannon

The planets must have been a bit out of alignment yesterday. The calendar held a full day w/ 1 Dr visit, one biopsy w/ anesthesia and 1 set of CTAs (Computed Tomography Angiograms). At the last moment, the pathologist scheduled to obtain my marrow sample decided to have the biopsy guided by CT (different doctors, different part of hospital) which pushed the planned CTA procedure into scheduling peril.


I was released from the hospital three hours later than planned at 530pm and the imaging folks just one half mile away were supposed to wait for us. They didn’t but apparently they were nice enough left the doors unlocked. We set off an alarm upon entering. Some very friendly radiologists came up to investigate the alarm a few minutes later. They advised us to call the practice tomorrow and reschedule and I finally got to eat. :-).

The CTA is still needed to stage my CLL for the treatment/clinical trial scheduled to begin later this week. Until then, I am once again “nil per os”. Here’s to hoping the planets are in a little better alignment today.


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